The original Seafood Market & Restaurant in Bangkok which has been well known to many customers from all around the world with excellent cuisine since 1969. Here you may select your favorite seafood from our 50 meter length display counter of both local and imported items such as Live Phuket Lobster, Rock Lobster, Live Maine Lobster, Alaskan King Crab, Live Giant Sea Perch, Tiger Prawn, Oysters, Pomfret, Red Snapper, Cuttle fish and much, much more. Once you enter, you will pass an active fish market and you can select your entrée from dozens of large fish tanks. Next, you enter a small market area where a clerk helps you select salads and vegetables. Now, choose a bottle from the wine & spirit area. Give instructions on how everything should be cooked to the captain. Then sit at your table and wait for your meal to arrive. If you can’t bear to look your dinner in the eye while it’s still swimming, go straight to a table and order from a standard menu. Specially cuisine by our expert chefs.
Over 1500 seats with a warm and friendly atmosphere only can be found here at Seafood Market & Restaurant Capacity: 1,500 seats
Location: 89, Sukhumvit Soi 24 (Kasame),Sukhumvit Rd.
Tel : 022612071-5, 026611252-9