Rain Hill, the urban hill on Sukhumvit Road, is an ideal meeting place where nature and urban lifestyles perfectly blend.

Rain Hill is characterised as an urban hill with vertical green architecture, conveying the elegant serenity of Japanese-infused style. Unlike anything seen before in the highly-congested Sukhumvit precinct, Rain Hill will be a true urban ecosystem, surrounded by tropical plants and 30-meter high rainfall walls. Lush greenery at the front facade is designed to be a natural noise absorber. With environmental consciousness kept in mind, all pre-existing trees are preserved, providing fresh air, natural shade and a cool atmosphere. Moreover, the thoughtful design allows an unrestricted flow of air throughout the grounds.

In addition, the building is designed to use recyclable energy to lower power consumption.

A new water-based air conditioning system is employed to support Rain Hill’s green initiative of minimising harmful impact on the environment.

Location: Sukhumvit Soi 47
Telephone: +66 81 909 7171