BKK Bespoke has been delivering results since 2015. Our goal is to provide both a superior customers’ best fit tailoring experience and tremendous value of bespoke Suits, Shirts, Trousers, Vests, and Overcoats, for our customers.
BKK Bespoke – Traveling Tailor has 4 branches around the world – Meet us in Bangkok, Singapore, USA, and UAE (Dubai). Or Meet us at your convenience location – at Your City by making trip schedule with us.

Origin of the word ‘Tailor’ 1250 – 1300: Middle English (noun) Anglo-French tailour, In other words, a person whose occupation is the making, mending, or altering of clothes, especially suits, coats, and other outer garments. We uphold the art and precision of custom-made clothing combined together with a perception of highly personalized tailoring attitude.


BKK Bespoke will dress the world in customize clothing by being the natural choice for online shopping of made-to-measure wear, quality clothing and accessories. We will capture a significant share from the traditional retail clothing market.


BKK Bespoke will, with the use of leading edge e-commerce solutions and a value offer, make online shopping of high quality custom wear as well as other clothes and accessories convenient, secure and fun.


Location: BKK Bespoke | Tailor in Bangkok, Singapore, Dubai and USA.
The Trendy Office Building (6th Floor), Sukhumvit Soi 13, Telephone: +66-9-9389-6165